The Mob Frog Saga Issue 3
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Issue Number:


Written By:

Stefan Petrucha

Art By:

Jay Lynch and Gary Fields

Cover Art By:

Scott Shaw


February 1995


Plot Edit

Duckman, now in prison, is being tortured and used as a slave by the extended Mob Frog family. Charles, Mambo and Ajax go to visit him where they tell him they miss him and that the other children now think they're cool for having a convict for a father. Duckman later uses a group to trained flies to steal the guards keys and breaks out.

At Grandma-ma's wedding Antwerp awakens from his coma and runs off. He informs Duckman he has a hit out on him and the comic ends with Duckman at home with his family and receiving an ominous phone call.

Characters Edit

Canon Characters Edit

  • Cornfed
  • Duckman
  • Charles and Mambo
  • Bernice
  • Ajax
  • Cornfed
  • Grandma-ma

Comic Book Characters Edit

  • Fly Man of Alcatraz
  • Mob Frog Extended Family
  • Antwerp

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