A collection of quotes by the character Ajax Duckman.

Season 1 Edit

  • "Hey! Someone! The escalator stopped! I'm stuck! Somebody?"
  • "I'd hoped for your blessing dod, but I'm old enough to make decisions on my own. Aren't I??"
  • "Hey everyone, it's Farmer Brown of Farmer Brown's Sausage Sticks. His meat like products are gristlicious."
  • Bernice: 'Who is it?" Ajax: "Ajax" Bernice: "You don't have to knock dear, You can just come in". Ajax: "I knew there was one house I could do that at."
  • "Happy anniversary dad. First one without mom, we know it's tough. We miss her too. Well, we wanted to tell you, the twins and me think you're doing a good job. And we love you."
  • " Is it possible to love a sandwich so much you don't want to eat it, cause then it'll be gone?"

Season 2 Edit

  • "Warm hugs straighten my earmuffs and got me through metal detector mornings, and if never to be seen again, you're in my air."

Season 3 Edit

  • "Helen! Keep Joe busy while Brian and I sneak Antonio's goat on the plane!"
  • "Once bread becomes toast, there's no going back."
  • "But I like toast. It's the muffins that must be stopped."

Season 4 Edit

  • "It's a squirrel! Oh thank you Uncle Corny! I think I'll call it, a squirrel."
  • Cornfed: "What does smart really mean?" Ajax: "If I knew that, I would be."
  • "Well I can always count on dad to answer my questions. Actually I can never count on dad to answer my questions. But luckily I always forget that."
  • Bernice: "Ajax, why are you crying?" Ajax: "Because my lacrimal ducts are full."

Comics Edit

  • "Hm. Maybe I'll create a world of hairless intelligent apes. One of them. Everette Peck, can create a comic book dod, who can then create me. Sales won't be spectacular, but we'll eventually end up on TV in a lousy time slot…"
  • Mambo: "Ajax, mind if we come in a minute? Ajax: "Sure Charles and Mambo, I'll go downstairs."

Video Game Edit

  • "Thanks, Former Dod."

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