Pig Amok
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Air Date:

April 6th, 1996

Written By:

Spencer Green

Directed By:

Jeff McGrath


The Mallardian Candidate

Followed By:

The Once and Future Duck

Pig Amok is the eleventh episode of season three.


Cornfed finds out from his father via a documentary co-written with Ken Burns, that he has a genetic disease that he will die of in 24 hours unless he loses his virginity to a woman. Duckman tries to help him out, but fails. Bernice agrees to have sex with him in order to save him, and this causes Cornfed to fall madly in love with her. He becomes dejected when she rejects him and tries to commit suicide.


  • Cornfed's full name is revealed; Willabald Feivel Cornfed.
  • Episode Title Reference: The Daffy Duck cartoon, "Duck Amok".


  • Cornfed revealed he was a virgin during season 1, episode 4, "Psyche," yet Duckman seems surprised when Cornfed tells him this.
  • When visiting the Star Trek convention Cornfed and Duckman are dressed up as Spock and Kirk respectively; later in the season four episode "Where No Duckman Has Gone Before" they assume these roles on the starship Enterprise.