Night of the Living Duck
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Issue Number:


Written By:

Stefan Petrucha

Art By:

Craig Yoe

Cover Art By:

Don Alan Zakezewski


March 1995

Plot Edit

Bernice takes the kids and Grandma-ma to the opening of a new toy store only to find that all the toys have come to life as blood thirsty killers.They manage to escape the store using a toy helicopter.

Meanwhile, Duckman is oblivious to the killer toys, including Fluffy and Uranus, now ravaging the entire city.

After being knocked out, Charles and Mambo are somehow able to leave their bodies and escape the pages of the comic book itself. They can flip through the pages, fall from the panels and even make their way through the books ads.

On his way back to the office from getting coffee, Duckman is attacked by a group of Barbie dolls and barricades himself inside the office, where Fluffy and Uranus are waiting for him. As he rips them apart and sets Cornfed free, Charles and Mambo come across Ward Lanze whilst hanging off the edge of the page. He explains to them that he brought the curse on to the toys as he couldn't stand to see Fluffy and Uranus tortured by Duckman day in and day out. He promises to end it if Duckman apolagises to them.

After ending up in a pet store whilst on the run, Charles and Mambo appear to Duckman as a conjoined goldfish and tell him to apolagize to Fluffy and Uranus. He almost does, but ends up burning them with a flame thrower instead.

Charles and Mambo make it back to their bodies and find the body of Lanze and destroy it, causing all the toys to return to normal.

Characters (in order of appearence) Edit

Canon Characters Edit

  • Fluffy and Uranus
  • Bernice
  • Charles and Mambo
  • Ajax
  • Grandma-ma
  • Duckman
  • Cornfed

Comic Only Characters Edit

  • Ward Lanze
  • Mandonna

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