Herbert Walker "King" Chicken



First Appearance:

Ride the High School

Last Appearance:

Four Weddings Inconceivable


Honey Chicken (wife)

Tammy Chicken (daughter)

Kinnisal Mountain Chicken (father)

Voiced By:

Tim Curry

Character Edit

George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken (voiced by Tim Curry): Duckman's arch-nemesis. Duckman constantly teased him in high school, which encouraged other kids to do the same. King Chicken cites this for why he became a supervillain. His earliest appearances would have him continually recap his motive, but characters would frequently get bored. (In one particular joke, an episode suddenly cut to a news report of Tim Curry having gone missing and leaving behind a note where he expressed frustration and resistance to ever saying the motive again.) His schemes were often overcomplicated attempts to ruin Duckman's life and usually involved disguises. Upon meeting Bernice, an attraction and affair developed. His catch phrase, simply "Mwah ha haa, bawk bawk bawk!," usually punctuates the end of his speeches about his evil plan. His name is a parody of former President of the United States George H. W. Bush.

DVD Bio Edit

On the Duckman DVD collection, his bio is given as the following;

  • Duckman's archenemy
  • Was bullied by Duckman in school the sending him down the path to super villainy
  • Is an evil genius, possibly even intellectually superior to Cornfed Pig

King Chicken Loves:

  • Revenge
  • Ruining Duckman's life
  • Formulating evil plans
  • Turning the world against Duckman
  • Disguises

King Chicken Hates:

  • Being bullied
  • Being foiled by Duckman


Disguises Edit

  • Professor Edwin Biar: Headmaster of the non-existent "Littlefield Academy."
  • Moe Needlemen: Old time Jewish comedian and Iggy Catalpa's manager.
  • Duckman02 dvd copy

    Moe Needlemen model sheet

    Dr. Bud Von Luienbrow: Supposedly Charles, Mambo and Ajax's school psychologist.
  • Regine Poulet: Attractive female french tutor who sues Duckman for sexual harassment. Her name literally translates to "King Chicken."
  • Tony Sterling: Head of the Beautex Corporation. Used to look exactly like Ajax.
  • Aurora Abromowitz: A sexy female alien.