Kathy Lee
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Sir Decklon McMannos (father)

Duckman (ex-husband)

Ajax Duckman (ex-step-son)

Charles Duckman (ex-step-son)

Mambo Duckman (ex-step-son)

Beverly Hufnagel (ex-sister in-law)

Bernice Hufnagel (ex-sister in-law)

Real Name:

Heather McMannos

Voiced By:

Kristen Johnson

First Appearance:

My Feral Lady

Character Edit

Duckman's mail order bride from My Feral Lady. She was a feral and rabbid woman found living in the wild. Duckman and Cornfed spend weeks civilizing her, but even still, the one thing that will set her off is the flash of a camera. At the end of the episode her father finds her, revealing her real name is Heather and that she went missing in Scotland fifteen years ago. He and the rest of the inhabitants at Paramount Studios sing her her favourite lullaby in order to lure her down from the water tower, and she returns home with her father.

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