Iggy Catalpa
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Voiced By:

Eddie Deezen

First Appearance:

Joking the Chicken



Character Edit

Iggy Catalpa was an unfunny politically correct comedian who made a deal with a sleazy comedy agent who turned out to be King Chicken in disguise. He had him drink a special "likeability formula" to get people to laugh at his awful jokes. Despite being so unfunny, Iggy was mild mannered and friendly. He did not know of King Chicken's true plan to isolate Duckman, and did not like that he was made to drink the formula in order to manipulate people. After Duckman reveals to his audience what happened, Iggy loses his fan base but is not too discouraged and decided to move on to his lesbian jokes. Iggy later appeared to have Duckman solve a case for him which turned out to be a global conspiracy he was heading. In an even furthur twist it turned out this was not Iggy, but a robot look-alike. He also appeared in the "Beutex" infomercial, ironically another one of King Chicken's plans.

Appearances Edit

  • Joking the Chicken
  • The Colour of Naught
  • The Mallardian Candidate