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Family MembersEdit

In-Laws and Other Relations Edit

Mr. Duckman was married into the Dworkin family and Duckman was married into the Hufnagel family. Duckman is biologically a part of the Crocker family.

Dworkin Family Members Edit

Hufnagel Family Members Edit

Time Line Edit

  • 1930's or 40's: Sophia and Trigorin Hufnagel immigrate to the U.S. from Russia.
  • 1952-1953: Miss Dworkin sleeps with Red Crocker and is impregnated. Marries Mr. Duckman, becoming Mrs. Duckman. Gives birth to Eric Duckman.
  • 1950's: Sophia gives birth to Beatrice, Bernice and Beverly. Gives up Beverly for unknown reason.
  • 1950's or 60's: Eric Duckman accidentally kills Mr. Duckman with a handgun.
  • 1976: Eric Duckman graduates high school.
  • 1978: Eric Duckman meets Beatrice Hufnagel.
  • 1979: Beatrice Hufnagel gives birth to Ajax Duckman.
  • 1984: Beatrice Hufnagel gives birth to Charles and Mambo.
  • 1992: Beatrice Hufnagel is killed in a freak accident. Leaves custody of her three children to Bernice Hufnagel and Eric Duckman.
  • 1994-ish*: Beverly Hufnagel is re-united with her family.

*The series takes place in 1993. Charles and Mambo have a birthday a third of the way into the series, Beverly is present for the last fourth. So when exactly she arrives depends on when Charles and Mambo's birthday falls which is not said.

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