Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man Issue 0

Issue Number:


Written By:

Everette Peck

Art By:

Everette Peck

Cover Art By:

Everette Peck


February, 1996

Stories Edit


Duckman and Cornfed solve a case involving a space-age cult, who's leader turns out to be King Chicken in disguise. 

Duckman With Fluffy and UranusEdit

Duckman yells at Fluffy and Uranus when their kindness prevents them from doing their jobs.

Duckman At HomeEdit

Duckman is annoyed by his children and ignored by his wife.

Duckman (He's a Mess Today) with Fluffy and Uranus in "Party Animals"Edit

Fluffy and Uranus attempt to keep Duckman from going to a Labour Day party.

Duckman in "ChinaTown Beat"Edit

Duckman attempts to score with a sexy client. Fluffy witnesses and is traumatized.

Duckman's In a Snit TodayEdit

Duckman finds out the Labour Day party was postboned.

Duckman in "Make Mime Murders"Edit

Duckman solves a string of mime murders.

Duckman's Been Under a Lot of Stress LatelyEdit

Duckman punches a rabbit who asks him to put out his cigarette.

Characters Edit

The characters from these stories are not quite the ones we know and love from the TV show, or proceeding comics. The prototypes that appear have many noticeable differences then their later incarnatons. 

  • Duckman: In these stories Duckman is noticeably taller, measuring in as the tallest cast member. He is sometimes refered to as "The Duckman". He also doesn't exhibit the redeeming qualities shown in the series, such as being a devoted father and husband, nor is he ever potrayed as particularly sympathetic, meerly overworked and ignored.
  • Pig Friday Cornfed: His vast array of skills and experiences is not present.
  • Beatrice: Duckman's wife was originally alive in these stories. She has Beatrice's hair from the series, but wears the outfit that would later be given to Bernice. She is obsessed with working out and eating healthy, traits that would later be given to Bernice. 
  • Ajax: Ajax's stupidity and emotional niavaty are not present in his original character. Instead he is portrayed as a typical teenager who annoys his father by asking to take the car.
  • Dog Gecko: Pretty much the same, except Duckman is the only family member who likes him. Also, he farts a lot, a trait that would later be given to Grandma-ma.
  • the twins Charles and Mambo: Instead of intelligent and rude, the twins are petty and annoying. They irratate Duckman for no good reason, and later get run over while playing in the driveway,
  • GrandMa-Ma: Instead of comatose, Grandma-ma has been watching TV since the mid 60's. 
  • Fluffy and Uranus: Very similar to what they would be in the series, only instead of plush bears they are gofers.

Extras Edit

  • Original cast write ups, complete with typos.
  • A Duckman history write up and timeline.

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