Dana Hill was an American actress and voice actress. One of her most notable roles was as Max Goof in the Disney TV series Goof Troop. Hill died in 1996 from complications related to diabetes. The episode "Ajax and Ajaxer" was dedicated to her memory.

Acting Edit

A side-effect of Dana Hill's life long condition, was that her body remained fairly under-developed. Her mother described her as a "woman-child", and felt she was never given a chance to grow up. Her entire life, she had the appearance and voice of a child, which allowed her to play children well into her 20's and 30's. She played a little girl in the drama film Fallen Angel who is the victim of sexual abuse, which allowed for more explicit scenes. She mostly played young girls on screen, but was also known to play boys on several occasions. Elizabeth Daily credited Hill with teaching her how to play a boy.

Death Edit

Dana Hill died at the age of 32. Her health had began to fade earlier that year as her diabetes damaged her kidneys. In May of 1996 she was hospitalized a number of times before slipping into a diabetic coma. In June she suffered a paralytic stroke. She did awake several times but could only communicate by blinking her eyes. She died on July 15th, 1996. Her mother described her death as her soul finally being freed from "…that ruined physical body…"

Notable Roles Edit

  • Fallen Angel - Jennifer Phillips
  • Shoot the Moon - Sherry Dunlap
  • The Two of Us - Gabby Gallagher
  • National Lampoon's European Vacation - Audrey Griswold
  • Adventures of the Gummy Bears - Buddy Gummy
  • Rover Dangerfeild - Danny
  • Tom and Jerry: the Movie - Jerry
  • Goof Troop - Max Goof
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Little Girl
  • Duckman - Charles Duckman