Charlie Adler is an American actor. On Duckman he voiced the Carnival Doctor, Red Herring, Juan Jesus Maria Alsalsia and Charles and Mambo's Replacement Father.

Notable Roles Edit

  • My Little Pony franchise - Spike
  • the Smurfs - Nat Smurfling
  • G.I. Joe - Lowlight
  • Transformers franchise - Silverbot, Triggerhappy, Duros, Dirk Manos, Starscream
  • Jem - Eric Raymond
  • the Real Ghostbusters - Sandy Von Sanders
  • Paddington Bear - Paddington Bear
  • Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Bunny
  • Duckman - Red Herring, Juan Jesus Maria Alsalas, Doctor
  • Rocko's Modern Life - Ed Bighead
  • Aaah!! Real Monsters - Ickis
  • McDonalds franchise - Hamburglar
  • Cow and Chicken - Cow, Chicken, Red Guy
  • I Am Weasel - I.R. Baboon, Red Guy
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Mr. Whiskers

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