Brad Gililand
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First Appearance:

From Brad to Worse

Voiced By:

Peter Scolari

Character Edit

Brad Gililand was a friend of Duckman and Cornfed's in high school who idolized Duckman. Years later, Duckman comes across Brad and discovers he is now homeless. Duckman presumes this is because he was expelled after taking credit for a prank Duckman committed. After the prank Brad and his family were forced to move several times, and each time the prank was found out about. Eventually he ran away in order to give his parents a chance to live, and ended up homeless. Duckman spends the episode trying to make it up to Brad by taking him into his home, getting him cleaned up and finding him a job. Cornfed meanwhile decides to investigate. After the two are thrown in prison for credit fraud thanks to Duckman, Brad reveals that all these years he'd been sitting on a brilliant invention, "The Mood Suit." A suit that changes colour to indicate ones mood. At the end of the episode, Duckman, Cornfed and Brad are kidnapped by their old high school principal, and it is revealed that in reality all three of them were involved in the indicent.

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Brad in high school

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